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Unchain Your Brain

Дэниэл Дж. Амен , David E. Smith

Are you chained to your addiction to smoking?Drinking? Sugar? Drugs? Food? Prescription painkillers? Caffeine? Internetporn? Gambling? Sex?When you are chained by an addiction, it can ruinyour life, devastate your family, destroy your relationships, derail yourcareer, lower your grades, and make you physically ill.Do you want to break free from your addictions?If so, you need to optimize your brain. The brainplays a central role in your vulnerability to addiction and your ability torecover. Brain dysfunction is the number one reason people fall victim toaddiction, why they can't break the chains of addiction, and why they relapse.UnchainYour Brain: 10 Steps to Breaking the Addictions That Steal Your Life isa practical, easy-to-follow step-by-step program that shows you how to boostyour brain so you can kick your bad habits. In this book, you will discover how addictions get stuck in your brain,how to get them unstuck, and how to find lasting motivation to change; why brain imaging changes everything,even if you never get a scan; how to get the right evaluation toensure that you can heal from your addictions; the six different types of addictionbased on brain types, why all addicts are notthe same, and how to find the best treatment solutions for you based on yourbrain type; strategies to boost your brain to getcontrol; ways to lock up the craving monster thatsteals your life; tips to eat right so you can think rightand heal from your addiction; how to kill the addiction ANTs thatinfest your brain and keep you in chains; ways to prevent relapse by followingH-A-L-T plus brain science; and how hypnosis and meditation can help youunchain your brain, including a twelve-minute meditation and a real hypnosissession done by Dr. Amen.When you have a healthy brain, it makes it so mucheasier to stick with a program designed to help you quit smoking, drinking,gambling, doing drugs, overeating, or whatever your addiction may be.

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